Damiani Diamonds

Damiani Guarantee System (DGS)

The Damiani expert gemmologists, after careful research and evaluation of each stone, carefully choose the best diamonds, which are distinguished by their insurmountable value and the high quality that Maison Damiani has always been looking for. Accurate and careful selection criteria, which are internationally identified in the “4C”, allow you to choose only diamonds in line with the high quality brand standards. Damiani, to 0.30 carats up, customize the engagement ring Heart- Made By you. With an exclusive internal stitch engraving featuring diamond features: color, carat, international certificate number (GIA or HRD). This is Damiani Guarantee System.

In order to further enhance its quality assurance, Damiani issues an international certificate (GIA or HRD) that offers information about a diamond’s grading consistency equal to or greater than 0.30 carat points. The number of the certificate is etched on the girdle of the stone and inside the ring band, a signature of absolute authenticity. The quality of diamonds below 0.30 carat points is supported by a certificate issued by the Damiani International Guarantee of Authenticity.


The value of a Damiani engagement ring is timeless.

damiani guarantee systemThe value of a Damiani solitaire is timeless. Actually, with Damiani guarantee system, it is possible to replace a Damiani diamond ring, bearing an international certificate, until 20 years of purchase, with another of the same or greater value, upon submitting the international certificate, receipt, invoice and the agreement provided at the time of purchase. The cost of the initial purchase will be wholly deducted from the price of the new Damiani wedding ring.


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