Misis: a family and a company which creates silver and gold jewels with precious stones and colourful enamel

Misis was founded in Vicenza, the world jewel “capital” and melting pot of all the different creative influences from the nearby cities of Venice and Milan, where fashion and art come together. Its strength is its common family aim: to transform silver, which has always been considered second best to gold, into a high quality jewelry item.


The precious Misis objects take shape inside the production laboratory: attention is paid to every detail and every piece is permeated by imaginative intuition. The jewels are the result of two very different worlds: the world of modern machines and the world of artisan work, which here combine and complete in turn.
Misis consciously combines different styles and creates passionate and instinctive items that are perfectly suited to new tendencies as well as elegant timeless shapes.

Soprana chose Misis: this company from Vicenza has a high level of craftsmanship and a sophisticated and lively imagination in his creations


the MISIS collection

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