Valentina Callegher 


the elegance of tradition


In 2015, the goldsmith house Digo evolved into the Valentina Callegher brand, in full continuity with a long tradition of craftsmanship. The owner of the company has thus chosen to personally sign her creations: the passion and commitment of all time are combined with an even more advanced style research.

The precious materials and the innovative design have always been harmonized by the maison with the value of a work with a historical tradition.


All the pride
of Made in Valenza


Each creation signed by Valentina Callegher was born in her goldsmith atelier in Valenza. The production is 100% Made in Italy: a great reason for pride and an inestimable added value to Italian design, appreciated all over the world.

The master goldsmiths of the atelier have in fact a deep knowledge of the traditional techniques of Italian and in particular Valencian jewelery. Techniques handed down from generation to generation: a young person who wants to learn the trade is always supported by an experienced model maker.





Respect for tradition is fundamental in the creation of a jewel. In this way, each process can be dealt with in the best possible way, especially for unique or specially commissioned objects.

“I still get excited when I see a block of blue wax taking shape under the skilled hands of my goldsmiths”,
says Valentina Callegher.

When art
takes on new forms

Thus a true art object is born, almost a sculpture, in which ability and talent make the difference.
But the atelier also dedicates space to new technologies, which are of enormous support to manual work. The precision of the CAD design and the production with the latest generation 3D printers allow to optimize production times and costs to meet market needs.



it’s in the details

The skilful combination of manual skills and innovation allows you to have all stages of processing in the atelier, from design to finishing the jewel.
This is the only way to obtain true pieces of art, perfect in every detail, followed step by step from conception to the point of sale.

true elegance knows how to renew tradition


A precious intertwining of diamonds and sapphires


A double ring for the “Lucciole” collection



Casual collection, new chandelier line


From the sea the iridescent reflections of a “unique” pearl


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