Jewelry pieces that are invention patents

Ten years of experimentation were necessary to achieve the perfection of the current technology found in our collections. It is an intelligent technology that creates pieces that are simple to use but complex to make – each product can contain up to 42,000 solder points and 988 components. Serafino Consoli jewelry pieces can be found in the world’s most beautiful locations: from New York to Venice, Las Vegas to Hawaii, and St. Moritz to Singapore.



 the Collections BREVETTO



The multisize rings in our Brevetto collection are not just for wearing, but also for enjoying, because they adapt to both the finger of a child and that of an adult.

 Brevetto2 RING – BRACELET


Un unico gioiello che può essere indossato in due modi completamente differenti.





Jewelry to enjoy, which makes use of intelligent Italian technology

Our creations take shape in Valenza. Here the expert hands of our master goldsmiths shape metal and precious stones, uniting the spirit of tradition with the creativity of technology – intelligent technology that allows us to offer products containing up to 42,000 solder points and 988 components.







Our products are characterized by a strong mechanical predilection; for some time we have been looking for a revolutionary solution that instils wonder in consumers.

Ivan Consoli





Ours is a revolutionary approach in the field of fine jewelry making, in which innovation meets the traditions of Italian goldsmithing, giving rise to a new generation of jewelry pieces that are actual invention patents. Ten years of experimentation were necessary to achieve this technology, and our great success lies in the fact that the complexity of our products is transformed into an extraordinary simplicity of use – just a touch of the fingers is all that is needed to transform our jewelry pieces.





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