UTOPIA is the fine jewellery brand of Gaia SpA, an Italian company that has been operating internationally for over 70 years, creating and distributing jewellery made with precious stones, diamonds and high quality pearls – in particular South Sea Pearls.


Utopia, from the Greek “U” “topos” ,a non-place, represents an ideal, unique philosophical dimension, the result of the best human efforts. Symbolically, it is an island where a perfect existence is possible.


These are the cornerstones on which the Utopia project was born. Inventiveness, design and perfection in raw materials come together with outstanding craftsmanship in a superlative expression of the centuries-old Italian goldsmith tradition. It is only in Benvenuto Cellini’s homeland that refined elegance could be merged with sophisticated and exceptional execution.


Since its origins, Utopia has set itself the goal of bringing a young audience closer to pearls, luminous gems of the sea, placing them at the center of innovative and original jewels.

Utopia design is deeply linked to the Italian aesthetic sensibility which is expressed in a refined and elegant style. The exclusivity of the Utopia collections is guaranteed by the search for sober lines with a strong personality, the result of the work of a team of designers specialized in the goldsmith’s art. Source of inspiration is the world, with its shapes, colors and sounds. The noblest raw materials are the protagonists: pearls, precious stones, diamonds and gold.


Soprana chooses Utopia for its careful selection of Australian and Thai pearls and for the nuances of colors that transform a string of pearls into a unique jewel.

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Pearls’ Cure

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To take care of your pearl jewels, so that they last longer over time and can maintain their natural pearliness, we give you some advice, available in our jewellery.

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Do you want to know more about pearls?

Here an article where you find all about pearls; the different types, place of provenience,  evaluation criteria ancd more

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