The special finish that has made our brand name famous around the world is at the heart of the success and the excellent reputation of this company. Cammilli has developed a major specialization over its thirty-year long experience that has resulted in an original “shine and mat” look for jewellery, a silky texture is shaped by glossy edges that enhance the depth and unconventional forms and that does not deteriorate with use.


 Cammilli jewellery is now sold worldwide by the most exclusive jewellers who recognize the brand as a representative of original design. Our 100% Italian production model places this brand firmly among those with their own recognizable style and unquestionable authenticity.



AnnaMaria Cammilli collections


Cammilli is also famous for its original gold colours, which comprise six different and very exclusive tones. The resulting product is truly amazing; with such unexpected colours that it is sometimes hard to believe that it is really gold and not paint. This is achieved through blending special alloys, though all strictly in 18K, to render these sophisticated and rare colours.




colore rosa



lemon bamboo






black lava



white ice



natural beige


Many people already know that Annamaria Cammilli not just a jewellery designer but an artist as well. Annamaria has always been passionate about painting and sculpture.

Cammilli is based in Florence, the birthplace of the artist and the perfect habitat for the company. The city famous around the world for its beauty, history, art, and now also fashion has always inspired Annamaria Cammilli and her creative team. Cammilli has established its presence in Florence with a beautiful flagship store in a unique location overlooking the Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia dei Lanzi in the cradle of the Italian Renaissance.

Cammilli was founded in 1983, but the family has a tradition in the jewellery business that goes back to 1871 and spans five generations.


“Designing jewellery in the same place where fashion and leather clothing accessories are conceived and created allows us to produce precious jewellery that is much more attuned to what the woman of today is wearing.”
                                                                                      Riccardo Renai, CEO di CAMMILLI

Soprana chooses Annamaria Cammilli because the Florentine company has been able to create over time a way to make jewelry that is recognized by all of us original and of undoubted creative identity.



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