Founded in 1929, Fope is an innovation-oriented brand and is committed to offer the highest quality and an unmistakable handwriting to all its collections.

An ever-evolving tradition

Umberto Cazzola opened his first goldsmith’s workshop back in 1929, eventually passing on his innovative, pioneering approach to his son Odino. The company specialised in making watchstraps from gold and other metals, becoming suppliers to Switzerland’s biggest watchmaking brands. When the third generation joined the family firm, Fope poured its vast wealth of expertise into making its own gold jewellery collections. It created the Novecento mesh, shaping it into many different designs: the brand’s signature style brought it success in Italy and, later, world-wide. The family’s fourth generation helped Fope earn a permanent place in the international jewellery market, where it stands out as a symbol of the elegance and quality of Made in Italy.



Fope combines the strength of its long-standing values with a true flair for innovation, creating unique jewellery which is exported to over fifty countries around the world. The brand is sold by a selection of leading independent jewellers from Europe and the US to the Emirates, South Africa and Hong Kong.



Production and administration are still based in a single building in Vicenza, not far from the original premises. This is where Fope started out and from where it still moves proudly forwards, blending the skill of expert goldsmiths with the precision of leading-edge technologies.


A brand, a family

The Cazzola family has held the reins of the company for generations, building on their founder’s passion and turning it into work, creativity and success. Umberto (named after his grandfather) and Ines transformed the family business by investing extensively in research and development and perfecting cutting-edge technologies. Giulia, Umberto’s late daughter, managed the brand’s marketing strategies until her early passing in the beginning of 2019. She was part of the company’s board and played a fundamental role in launching FOPE worldwide. Today her marketing team is committed to fulfill her vision with the same energy and enthusiasm – her legacy lives on.



Soprana chose Fope as the excellence goldsmith in Vicenza with established values over time and a great innovative thrust.



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