Calderoni was established in 1840 in Milan’s Via della Lupa, known today as Via Torino. At that time, Milan was a romantic city, dominated by the Habsburg dynasty.

In 1870, Calderoni opened a prestigious establishment in Piazza Duomo, which soon became a point of reference for the city’s aristocracy. Calderoni became the official supplier of the House of Savoy and its prestigious customers included the nobility and royal houses of Europe.

In 1942, Calderoni moved to Via Montenapoleone, symbol and centre of Italian luxury in the European Capital of fashion, design and the jewelry, remains Calderoni’s flagship store in Italy to this day.

1840 – primo negozio a Torino

1876 – Calderoni piazza Duomo

1905 Boutique storica via Manzoni

1965 – sua altezza Reale il Duca di Edinburgo, marito della regina Elisabetta II,durante una visita a Calderoni

The Maison has always prided itself in providing a first-rate service to its customers in the selection of the diamond.
For Calderoni, offering customers the best, ethical and certified diamonds is not only a guarantee, but a daily challenge; one in the pursuit of excellence and perfection indeed for four times it won the Diamonds International Awards, the World Jewelery Oscar.



The Maison boasts 200 years of history in the production of high-end Italian jewelry and the selection of the very best diamonds, further strengthened by the experience of the Damiani group, of which it forms a part.



Every product is accompanied by an international gemological certificate. The diamonds are carefully selected by the Maison’s highly qualified staff. Each order is guaranteed by a safe custody service and an anti-counterfeiting seal. Calderoni’s reliability and professionalism ensure the safe purchase of the world’s most precious stone: the diamond.


The price list for our certified diamonds is transparent and easy to understand. Diamond prices are calculated based on the Rapaport Diamond Report, adjusted to account for the USD/EUR exchange rate plus commission and VAT.
The Rapaport Diamond Report is the primary source of diamond prices and diamondmarket information. Diamond prices are published weekly on the website, based on the carat, shape, colour and clarity of the gems.



Mark life’s most important occasions; celebrate a birth, christening, holy communion, confirmation, anniversary or graduation with a truly unforgettable gift. Calderoni’s diamonds in blister packs are a unique choice. Discover the features of a Calderoni diamond, guaranteed by the very best safety and anti-counterfeiting technologyEach diamond is stored in a special CertiCard® case, which instantly detects any attempt to open any part of the case. The product’s authenticity and integrity are guaranteed from the time of sealing.




Un ulteriore vantaggio nel comprare diamanti Calderoni: è sempre possibile sostituire un diamante acquistato precedentemente da Calderoni. L’upgrade del prodotto è riservato ai diamanti che partono da 0,30 carati, per l’acquisto di pietre di valore superiore.



Calderoni diamonds are certified by leading international gemological institutes, guaranteeing the authenticity of each individual stone and related features.


Every diamond is unique:the Certification Code is engraved on the girdle of every stone with a carat weight of 0.30 or more.


Diamonds are as valuable to you as they are to us. Calderoni offers a free “All Risks” insurance policy issued by a leading insurance company for every single diamond with a carat weight of 0.30 or more. The insurance policy on Calderoni certified diamonds has a 2-year duration, and is only valid in Italy.



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