Giovenzio Posenato

The artisan can be called as such when he translates the pertinent dialogue between metals, instruments, age old and new techniques throught the finished product in coherent synthesis; like the cuttlebone fusion that does not clash in the third millennium among new technoligies because the product has  human touch or the adhesive for granulation suitble for the unique piece that draws from Cellini.

Putting words into actions: a clear and simple agreement. Giovenzio embraces the goldsmith art with burin in hand, an instrument which imposes strict discipline on his craft. the “quadretta” , from the same family, is used to free a micro-sculpture from the metal block whilethe “rigidino” elegantly furrows the surface with a veiled gold texture. Boy and man of few words and rich of action. In his work there are consistents traits, the sheet and thread with added crafting that enhances the gold surface: granulation, incision with niello, the setting, boring that opens the bottom of the setting up to the light in order to magnify the tone or transform the sheet into a point.


the agreement

Since 1989 Giovenzio Posenato approaches SOPRANA, a fourth generation shop today, and a perfect match began. The former found the serenity to express himself through the goldsmith art and the shop welcomed to its staff an experienced, skilled and willing hand. Unique interpretations were born: the precious work inspired by the customer, the inherited product that was to be divided into three parts to recreate unique jewellery and meet the needs of various owners, the shape of the brooch to be maintained which is transformed into a pendant or vice versa. There was time for free creations with precious stones, coral, wood, for necklaces, rings, earrings;ranging from small to large size.


a giandomenici 1bprojects and products

Of the ring Giovenzio Posenato created a charming pinky ring  stands out, requested by a customer with a little ceramic frog with its mouth sticking out from under a gold leaf; a Liberty centerpiece inspired by René Lalique; Decò earrings remeniscent of the 1950s. He recreated the jewels of Taranto personalised with granulation, refined Greek creations gìdrawn from the Etruscan small grains placed on ornaments made from hard steel with files and chisel. He invents simple and complex clasps and more for a shop that has always integrated history, culture, and economy with deep roots in the Beric city center yet to open to international flavour.





some unique creation of the Goldsmith Master GIOVENZIO POSENATO

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