Engagement Rings

The Engagement

The diamond ring is the perfect emblem of the promise of love

Among the most important and symbolic moments of life, the engagement is an event that only a precious jewel can perfectly beat. Since ancient times, the ring is the object that better than others has expressed the symbolism of love, even as a gift that crowns the engagement. In the Renaissance, in particular, the engagement ring is strengthened by an even more effective symbol: the diamond, an invincible and pure stone that enhances the meaning of the ring as an emblem of eternal union. The first known testimony of a diamond ring donated to seal this important moment dates back to 1477: the archduke councilor Massimiliano D’Austria suggests in writing to the future emperor to donate a diamond ring to his girlfriend Maria di Borgogna. From then until the present day, the engagement ring becomes richer and more precious than faith. In the nineteenth century it is the solitaire diamond ring that has assumed undisputed supremacy as the purest, essential and immediate pledge of love. The ring, a symbol of continuity, expresses the tenacity of love through the “invincible” gem par excellence, the pure and eternal diamond: it is in fact the solitary diamond ring that fully satisfies the desire for a strong and immortal symbol, the search for a value that goes beyond appearance, the expression of beauty and purity never separated from love and loyalty.




The 10 “C” of a engagement ring Damiani




The carat weight of a diamond is an indication of weight, an indispensable element for its evaluation. Damiani offers the choice of endless caratas.



The cut of the gem from raw to finished gives the diamond a unique brilliance. The Maison uses only diamonds with high cutting parameters, proportion and symmetry.



In the vast range of colors, Damiani selects only those of the best quality, for absolute chromatic excellence.



The purity of the diamond establishes its degree of perfection. Damiani selects only gems of extraordinary quality.


Damiani, ambassador of the best Italian goldsmith tradition in the world, has been designing and producing his creations since the beginning, characterizing them with a perfect fit guaranteed by the exclusive “comfort fit” design. All the jewels made entirely by hand, one by one, are true masterpieces of Made in Italy goldsmith art.


Create your own engagement ring by choosing from the infinite possible combinations and the emotion of being able to engrave a name, a date, a thought or a dedication on the diamond: exceptional opportunities that only Damiani offers to its customers.


The Maison, in addition to issuing the international certificate that shows the characteristics of the diamond, affects the number on the diamond belt, ensuring an absolute value over time.




The value of Damiani solitaires is guaranteed over time: it is indeed possible to replace a solitaire of the Maison with another of a higher value. The price incurred for the first purchase will be fully recognized.



Damiani solitaires are created to be worn all day, every day: the exclusive insurance service against robbery and robbing turns this desire into a reality.



For three generations, passion, creativity and excellence have been the key values that guide the Damiani family. The goldsmith company, the only one in the world to have won 18 Diamonds International Awards and the object of the desire of celebrities from all over the world, carefully selects its suppliers to guarantee “conflict free” and “child labor free” diamonds.



 The ring and the diamond in their perfect union

The diamond ring, the quintessential engagement ring, represents one of the greatest expressions of jewelery in Casa Damiani jewelry. The Damiani solitaire ring, perfect witness and traditional symbol of engagement, is combined with design for a new renaissance under the sign of beauty. Romantic and essential, dynamic and modern, Damiani solitaires come to life and give more and more charm to feminine beauty. For the creation of the traditional solitaire Damiani, precious stones are carefully selected and set in jewels that stand out for their splendor and for the excellent manufacture of expert artisans and goldsmiths. From the more traditional version in white gold, to the platinum version, up to the most identifiable frames, the famous Maison creates different Damiani solitaires, each born to emphasize the precious stones and the light that comes from them. Furthermore, all the Damiani diamonds of the “Amore Infinito” project are subject to DGS – Damiani Guarantee System certification, which certifies the authenticity of every single solitaire Damiani and which includes the engraving of color, carat weight, certificate number on the diamond ring and signature of the House. To further emphasize the preciousness of the ring, the Damiani signature and certificate number are also engraved on the diamond belt. Uniqueness and exclusivity, these are the two features of DGS: every Damiani solitaire, which expresses the perfect combination of ring and diamond, becomes a unique creation. A Damiani engagement ring is for life.



 The DAMIANI Engagement collection



Engagment Ring Damiani. Heart-made. By you.

All Damiani jewelry creations express the quality of entirely Italian products, of sublime manufacture, which have made the Maison an ambassador of Made in Italy in the world since 1924.


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