WOLF luxurious boxes for jewelery and watches



A WOLF winder is a handmade precision instrument that focuses on the health of your watch with patented innovation. Only a WOLF counts rotations – all others simply use time to estimate the counts per day. With over 185 years of innovation, WOLF knows that relying on time is simply never enough.






Every timepiece has a number of turns per day required to fully wind. Knowing the TPD for your watch assures optimal performance. Our watch winding specification database will provide you with the recommended number of turns per day and the direction of turns.

look uo turns per day





Placing your watch on a WOLF is the convenient solution and best practice for your watch’s health. WOLF owns the patent that counts turns per day, keeping your watch accurate. With over five generations of innovation and patented technology, WOLF uncomplicates watch care.



A WOLF winder would never magnetise your timepiece! You can’t always trust the world around you, but you can always trust a WOLF.



WOLF’s refined jewellery cases combine the finest materials with over five generations of handmade tradition. Patented LusterLoc™ treated interior lining prevents tarnishing for up to 35 years. With many styles and finishes to choose from, WOLF safely stores your jewellery at home or on the go.

Wolf also supplies a wide range of accessories for its loaders.


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