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Diamond classification and evaluation parameters are identified in four factors defined as the “4 Cs”: carat, cut, colour and clarity.





Carat: indicates the diamond carat, or the weight of the gem in carats. The name originates from the carob seed, used for measuring because of its consistent weight in ancient times. The carat is divided into 100 points, so a 50 point diamond is a 0.50 carat diamond. In the past, diamonds were weighed with increasingly accurate scales, today diamond carats are measured electronically because of the greater accuracy and sensitivity.








Cut: indicates both the proportions of the diamond cut, and the shape that is given to the gem. The cut, which requires able human intervention, is important as it determines the refraction of light and consequently the gem’s brilliance and sparkle. There are also multiple diamond cuts used for different pieces of jewelry: oval diamonds, marquise diamonds, pear shaped diamonds, heart shaped diamonds, princess cut diamonds, carré cut diamonds, radiant cut diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, tapered diamonds, cushion cut diamonds, baguette diamonds, rose cut diamonds







Colour: In most cases, the degree of diamond colour actually represents the degree of absence of colour. Diamond grading levels are defined by letters, where D is for entire colourless and extremely rare diamonds and Z indicates intensely coloured diamonds.













Clarity: diamond clarity indicates the presence, number, position and size of inclusions, thus determining the degree of flawlessness or clarity of these gems. Any inclusions, tiny internal flaws invisible to the naked eye, are traces of minerals, the legacy of the gems’ crystallization process. The number and position of inclusions are shown in the diamond’s certificate.











The diamond is almost always accompanied by a gemological certificate attesting features. The certification helps to compare the stones and assess the fairness of the price.

The certificate is a document issued by a recognized gemological laboratory in the world, which guarantees the authenticity and represents the diamond identification card. All the quality parameters (purity, color, cut and weight) and identification of the stone that combine to determine the price at any time are listed in that certificate.


Main certification laboratories

GIA ( Gemological Institute of America

HRD ( Hoge Raad Voor Diamant di Anversa

IGI ( International Gemmological Institute




Damiani Guarantee System: DGSDiamonds Damiani

macrodiamante1After carefully sourcing and examining each gemstone, expert Damiani gemologists carefully choose the finest diamonds that stand out for their unequalled value and the superior quality that Maison Damiani always seeks. Accurate, detailed selection criteria, identified worldwide as the “4Cs” are used to choose only diamonds that meet the brand’s high quality standards. Damiani personalizes its Heart- Made by you engagement ring with an exclusive etching inside the band listing the diamond’s characteristics: color, carat, international certificate number (GIA or HRD).

To further reinforce the quality warranty, the Damiani logo and the certificate number are engraved also on the band, for engagement ring with 30 karat-plus purity. For diamonds below 30-karat purity, Damiani customises the engagement ring through an exclusive internal engraving on the logo stem and issues an authenticity certificate.







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