Expert and skilled artisans are at the disposal of our clients for specific treatments and highly professional maintenance. With a particular attention to the world of watchmaking, Soprana provides full guarantees for all the components of your timepieces. To ensure a thorough service, in addition to our own laboratories, Soprana offers an assistance service throughout the country, in partnership with authorised external laboratories as well as with the manufacturers.




A watch is a sophisticated instrument of accuracy and therefore calls for a high degree professional maintenance that allows it to function over time. Servicing at regular intervals, complete and accurate, with cutting-edge equipment, protects the high number of components packed inside a limited amount of space, and guarantees its functioning 24×7, all year round..





If used daily, wristwatches are subject to constant stresses: such as vibrations, shocks, dust, water, UV rays, perspiration or temperature fluctuations. Not to mention the mechanical stress that can be subjected to movements designed to ensure maximum precision for 24 hours a day, for many years. To counter the wear of some moving parts and the natural aging of grease and lubricants, we recommend that you place the watch on an ordinary maintenance service every two years and at an extraordinary one every five years.

Benefits for the customer

Like any other precision instrument, watches also need careful attention. The extraordinary maintenance service provides a complete revision of the timepiece, which takes several hours of meticulous manual work. Our specialists completely disengage the movement, monitor each component with careful attention and, if necessary, repair or replace it. It is followed by careful cleaning of the mechanism, after which the movement is reassembled and repeatedly oiled and lubricated. Finally, the precision of the gear is checked and the corresponding tuning is performed. The case and bracelet are subjected to a laborious process that gives them new glory. Each watch must then pass a special test program and meet stringent precision criteria. Only at this point you can count on a precise indication of time, on a full watches function, and on the degree of waterproofness you specify. After this review, your timepiece will be as new.



the 16 essential phases

  • Registration. Demagnetization
  • Diagnosis
  • Dismantling of the case. Removal of the movement.
  • Goldsmith work. Laser treatment to level out deep scratches.
  • Polishing of the watchcase and bracelet
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of case components and bracelet.
  • Reassembly of the case with new seals to assure water resistance.
  • Dismantling of the movement.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of all movement parts.
  • Examination of movement parts. Replacement of worn out components.
  • Reassembly of the movement from scratch. Lubrication.
  • Adjustment of the movement, of complications and calendar functions.
  • Complete reassembly of the timepiece.
  • Testing of accuracy according to IWC standards.
  • Testing of water resistance.
  • Final quality control.





Service intervals

We recommend submitting the watch to an extraordinary maintenance service approximately every five years. Service intervals vary considerably depending on the usage conditions of the watch.


Soprana offers a 24-month warranty on repairs carried out and components replaced by an overtime maintenance service.



Time for restoration and warranty

The restoration of a watch is essentially a review, with the difference that it will take longer, especially if spare parts are to be manufactured specifically. Each restoration operation involves an accurate examination of the watch in question, historical research and specific procedures that often take several days or even several weeks.

The amount of time it takes to restore depends on the model and timing conditions, as well as the availability of spare parts, and may last for several months. As provided by the Warranty Service, Soprana provides 24 months warranty on all work done and on parts replaced as part of the restoration.

Note that, in the case of old and antique watches, Soprana can not guarantee the same standards of accuracy and impermeability of contemporary models. Nevertheless, many historical watches made by the various Manifattures have an exemplary precision, often a maximum deviation of a few seconds a day.


What is it abou

The restorations of antique watches from our team of experts are often small miracles. In many cases, we were able to give life to old timepieces that initially seemed irreparable. Wherever possible, our experts always do their best to preserve or restore original clock properties.

Every restoration ends with a thorough check of the functionality and performance of the watch in accordance with its original specifications. Depending on the model, the final stage is that of quality control, which, among other things, verifies the accuracy and the watch power reserve over a period of a few days.

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