The jewelry collection on the most celebrated flower ever


The jewelry collection for women Rose is a tribute that Damiani pays to the most beautiful and celebrated flower known throughout the world and in all eras. The rose personifies femininity, the favourite floral gift of all times. With this jewelry collection Damiani interprets the symbolism and tradition of the rose with romantic yet modern, delicate and very feminine creations – white and pink gold jewels with diamonds, crafted with care and passion to “bloom” on every woman wearing them, enhancing her charm and splendour.

Among its precious jewels, Rose includes necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, refined expressions of unique femininity, romantic and delicate like the flower they represent. Rose: Damiani jewelry collection for women inspired by sophisticated elegance.


All Damiani jewelry creations express the quality of entirely Italian made sublimely crafted products that have made the jewelry masters ambassadors of Italian Style and craftsmanship across the world since 1924.

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