Mantel clock with chariot

50101498 biga

Parisian Mantel clock with chariot, France, circa 1850


C. elegant Parisian mantel clock depicting a gilded bronze mercury chariot pulled by two horses and a young cherub above a conch. patinated bronze. Dragon in gilded bronze. Black veined marble base. Foot representing lion’s paw.
Cm. 48 X 15 X 40,5


D. White enamen dial, roman numerals over the chariot wheel ,while inside an opening on the mechanism. Blue Breguet style hands.


M. Parisian mechanics, ringing of the hours and half on bell,Circular brass full plate movement, 2 barrels, 1 hammer, 1 bell, anchor escapement, silk suspension.


Place of origin: France


Epoca: 1850

€ 7.405,00


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