As a real inventor and fiddler, Wilhelm Kieninger met any clock making challenge of craftsmanship precision with a lot of passion. Thanks to him and until today Kieninger clocks and movements are incorporating a lot of technical and horological specialties.

Refined and with additional features, but basically unchanged, the invention of this movement for grandfather clocks made Kieninger the specialist for movements with quarter chime. Even at that time, the movement had an automatic strike regulation. It was protected by patent in 1931.this high-precision movement is still produced today.

The combination of precious materials, exclusive design and technical precision make it possible to create tasteful and elegant living accessories of a lasting value. They combine sophisticated technical knowledge with aesthetic pleasure and let us experience “Time in its most beautiful shape”. A slogan which has been valid for the Kieninger clocks for 100 years now. Kieninger is the eldest existing German manufacturer for mechanical clocks.

Clocks are on the way to enjoy great popularity again, even though the practical use has taken a back seat. Instead the importance of the decorative function has much increased in the past years.

Decorative clocks are luxury furniture items and are enhancing people’s homes. What fascinates today is the beauty and fineness of the clock mechanism – and as the central part of the design the mechanism is presented in clearly visible manner. What else would make the difference to a quartz movement – besides the price – if all details would be hidden in the clock case. Nowadays the clock enthusiast wants to have a deep look into the mechanical details and be fascinated by the microcosm of interacting clock gears and the combination of engineering.

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