The perfect and unique jewelry collection


The jewelry collection “Le perle” is a classic Damiani collection in white gold, pearls and diamonds, that includes simple but very sophisticated pearl earrings and elegant pearl necklaces: jewels perfect for every situation with unequalled value and beauty. For this jewelry collection Damiani carefully chooses the pearls based on excellence and quality criteria, for creations that are perfect in their uniqueness, symbols of great harmony and sensuality. Unique as the intimate personality of women for whom pearl jewelry marks the most important moments of their lives.


In some versions, these women’s jewels are embellished by the setting of a small diamond that increases the uniqueness of these creations by the jewelry Maison. Damiani pearl jewelry is dedicated to women that favour a classic, timeless style for the elegance and the refined brightness that it bestows. The brand of a great company, like Damiani pearls, can only confer assurance and security with very high quality pearl jewelry that has always been a state of the art high class gift.

All Damiani jewelry creations express the quality of entirely Italian made sublimely crafted products that have made the jewelry masters ambassadors of Italian Style and craftsmanship across the world since 1924.

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