Emotion within

Golay was born as a brand of the World Diamond Group with its specific positioning.

Those who choose GOLAY are looking for an elegant jewel suitable to make a particular occasion precious. Whether they are diamonds, pearls or precious gems, the jewel is always the right one for the occasion. The jewels are dedicated to all women and their thousand ways of being different

Jewellery which loves women

Every woman wants to feel beautiful, appreciated, self-confident in her thousand ways of being different. Whether it is a pearl, a diamond, a gem, that jewel has a unique meaning for her, as a reminder of an emotion that will remain eternal in her heart.

This is the reason why Golay dedicates its jewels to all women, creating jewels with an Italian design that use Natural Diamonds and Cultured Pearls expertly combined with 9- and 18-carat gold. For those who love colour, there is space for sapphires, emeralds and rubies!


Golay’s Values

The jewel is a symbol of an emotional bond, a reminder of an important event in one’s life that must be treasured over time.


Linear, classic design, with attention to detail, a refinement that expresses elegance and femininity.

Soprana chooses Golay for the refinement of its jewels that are able to reach every type of woman by giving a touch of light.

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