By partnering with the goldsmith Giovenzio Posenato, the Soprana jewelry¬†start to make jewelry with its own creations designed brand, unique pieces inspired by the artist oestrus, or by client’s ideas or made by following the forms and proportions of a certain precious stones .


With the complicity of Giovenzio our jewellery searched for what was missing in Vicenza, a symbol, an icon for the tourist or for the same Vicenza citizen , something that represents this small jewel city.

Our creations

The result was a line of earrings, pendants, bracelets with  Loving Palladio logo, representing a small piece of our Palladian Basilica, the serliana, such a simple logo as well to remind us of Palladio and how rich in history and art is our region.


Soprana our creations collection



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