The clocks of Matthias Naeschke clockworks are quite different as they offer the opportunity to buy something extraordinary and unique. By making all clocks and movements by hand, they are extremely flexible in terms of implementation of individual customer requirements. The breadth of their capabilities ranges from the modification of the existing catalogue models through to completely new design and manufacturing of a bespoke one-off.

matthias naeschke

Philosophically a customer’s dream clock always takes center place in all Naeschke designs.


Personal requirements are thus an incentive and basis to create something incomparable. The superior craftsman’s perfection imparted to Naeschke movements is far above the reach of the best quality that any serial clock production methods can produce.

Be it a very special case, an extravagant dial or special additional functions – Matthias Naeschke’ s workers are dedicated to finding the perfect combination.


Matthias Naeschke company created individual clocks and organ clocks over more than three decades. And there are no two alike anywhere in the world.


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