Antique clocks, longcase and wall clocks: furnishing that hold the history and meaning of time. Our collection of Antique Clocks includes pieces ranging from the mid-eighteenth century to the early ‘900.

antique clocks

antique clocks


An important part of the story of time we owe it to Galileo or rather to its application of the pendulum’s eagony. For three hundred years the pendulum has guided the history of the precision of time. These three centuries of history have produced beautiful watches that today thanks to a careful mechanical and aesthetic restoration can mark our time in our homes.

The pendulum for its size creates a watch that (thanks to aesthetics) blend with the furniture, but with a peculiarity that no other item of furniture has “life.” Pendola actually has a strong connection with man, with recharging it returns with pendulum motion the indication of time and sound: it is a living object that asks for relationship (you load it and it returns time and sound) .

The Soprana “Antique Clocks store” is at the service of the big watchmaking, thanks to historical knowledge a careful restoration that guarantees its operation.


There are columns, wall and table timepieces, Italian and French French and Austrian.

our proposal of antique clocks

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