Erwin Sattler knows that enthusiastic collectors have more than one automatic mechanical watch waiting to be worn and that’s why he created the Sattler Rotoris “Rotalis”.

Before putting it on the wrist, this mechanical jewel must be adjusted, the mainspring must be wound, the time and date set, as well as for perpetual calendars and various other complications such as the equation of time, the annual calendar, the moon phase etc… need to be fully adjusted before putting on and this can take some time.

rotori sattler

the skilful German genius has been able to create a wall clock that automatically keeps your mechanical watches wound and adjusted with the hidden Sattler Rotors



With the rotors of the Rotalis series, the company is offering an alternative, made up of a product of extremely high manufacturing, high German quality and a high level of technical performance, which make its rotors a real mechanical jewel.

Prestigious as a piece of furniture and functional as a use, they cannot be missing from the accessories of the true collector of fine watches. Each rotor is adjustable to the caliber and specifications of each individual watch


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