Wedding Rings



Damiani wedding rings, a testimony of everlasting love

Since ancient times, human beings have used spherical objects to symbolize love, continuity of life and perfection.

Today choosing the wedding bands is a key moment in the organization of this important event. Together, the bride and groom choose the precious jewel to be worn for their entire life, symbolizing their decision, loyalty to each other, the love that binds them, and the direction they have chosen to take together.



Traditionally, yellow gold has been largely preferred by jewelers for wedding bands but in recent years different colours and materials have been adopted, to create unique wedding jewelry: yellow gold wedding bands are the most traditional; platinum wedding bands are more exclusive but still traditional; pink gold wedding bands are sophisticated and slightly retro’; white gold wedding bands show originality; gold and diamond wedding rings express class and romance.

Le Fedi Damiani give choice on models and materials, all the models are Confort Fit and a small diamond that is enclosed inside or outside is the precious Damiani signature.

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