Spicchi di Luna



It ‘clear: the key to success does not exist … if you want the moon you just have to be yourself and go and get it.

The combination of the most seductive and intriguing femininity to the Moon, light and shadow, to its sweet brightness but also able to brighten the night is the symbolism that Damiani has chosen for a collection that expresses the strength, the mystery and the unique beauty of a woman with a chameleonic style, intriguing, essential and with a great personality.



Damiani takes the moon and transforms it into a jewel that tells its phases and the perfect and fascinating light. The Spicchi di Luna collection tells the preciousness and uniqueness of the feminine with the experience of a fashion house that has always known how to talk about women and with women.



The design of the Spicchi Di Luna collection is the result of in-depth technical and stylistic research: the shape of a series of gilded and slightly convex bundles joined together in segments of the Damiani rings evoke the perfect union of the different phases of the moon. The light is enhanced by precious golden cloves and precious gems that seem to blend together give life to a goldsmith’s creation of extraordinary beauty.


The particular brightness that characterizes the jewel is created by the way in which the natural light breaks and reflects on the beams of the Moon, placed side by side and is enhanced by the precious materials that make it up. Thanks to the culture of the Valencian jewelers masters, who for three generations have passed on, the precious secrets of this art, the aesthetic dimension of this collection is combined with a comfortable and enveloping fit.Maximum expression of the Spicchi Di Luna woman the full pavé version in gold white and diamonds or in yellow gold and fancy diamonds with shades from yellow to brown, proposed in ring, earrings and bracelet. A more daily variation, but no less intriguing is the yellow gold version that also includes a necklace. Particularly interesting is the fourth set, which also includes a necklace, which combines the rose gold with a hard stone, the onyx, giving life to a light-dark color contrast that enhances the shapes and the juxtaposition between the “Spicchi di Luna“. The collection is completed by two exclusive rings with alternating bands: in yellow gold and smoky quartz, in pink gold and Sun stone. “

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