MIA LUCE is High jewellery pieces in which diamonds shine the light on intricately crafted, woven gold.


Beautiful objects can withstand the test of time, but creating them involves researching, innovating and daring to define their purpose.”


Fope is an Italian goldsmith, an international company, a tradition that has evolved to become one of the world’s most sought-after jewellery brands.
Its headquarters – management and production – are located in Vicenza, Italy, where the company’s roots are and where a continuous progress proudly takes place thanks to the skilled craftsmen and to the precision of the machines, most of which are custom-made.

Founded in 1929, Fope is an innovation-oriented brand and is committed to offer the highest quality and an unmistakable handwriting to all its collections. Every day, each jewel is created in-house with love and passion and then shipped to the best stores around the world.

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