The jewelry collection in silver and diamonds by Damiani


Damianissima.925 is the first jewelry collection in silver and diamonds by Damiani, with a strong visual impact and innovative design, created in two versions to satisfy the needs of different personalities: delicate, based on light shades obtained through the use of mother of pearl; the other based on darker tones featuring onyx gemstones for strong and determined personalities. The line of this jewelry collection, entirely in 925 silver, is enhanced by the design that interprets the Damiani logo and by the use of unusual materials, giving a young and trendy touch.

The diamond set D identifies and labels Damiani’s first silver jewelry collection. Based on high craftsmanship and savoir faire that identify every piece of jewelry, Damianissima.925 includes fashionable and easy to wear pieces, perfect for every occasion and destined to become an icon for all women who want to stand out.

All Damiani jewelry creations express the quality of entirely Italian made sublimely crafted products that have made the jewelry masters ambassadors of Italian Style and craftsmanship across the world since 1924.

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