Bridal Collection


Will you marry me?”
I will.

“Do you promise to love, honor, cherish him?”
I do

I will. I do, the answers to love.



I will. I do: this is the first bridal jewelry collection launched by Crivelli, the historical maison of Valenza, and the main character is still the solitary, the emblematic seal of a proposal of love.


The solitaire is surrounded by a double row of diamonds, with a shimmering heart-shaped, drop or brilliant stone in the center; an elegant outer edge redraws the outline.


We continue with a refined choice of wedding rings (smooth or with brilliants) and small verteys, made from a round of diamonds paired with a pavé with small arches, while the choker and earrings complete the bridal set; the whole collection is available in white and pink gold.


To each stone is associated with a symbolism: the heart is perfect for the romantic and passionate woman, the brilliant evokes eternity and perfection with its round shape, while the drop cut, is intended for those who love to stand out, as rarer in solitaires.


Alessia Crivelli, the company’s marketing manager: “We asked ourselves where to start, and the answer was a return to the essential, therefore to the diamond. The diamond as a token of love and a symbol of eternity. Nothing forbids, to those who choose the complete set, to bring these three souls together, choosing different cuts for the ring, the earrings and the pendant “.


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