Mechanical wristwatches are much more than just timepieces. The allure of this complex technology that takes up so little space and the enthusiasm for a functional accessory with an extremely high aesthetic appeal have made this wristwatch into a coveted collector’s item. And thanks to the diversity of interesting objects, enthusiastic wearers often own more than just one wristwatch with classic inner workings. These objects lie in the safe or display case and wait to be used. Before putting the wristwatch on, the mainsprings must be tensioned, the hands must be adjusted and the date must be set. For models with full calendar in particular, this may take a little time.


sattler watch winders

the wise German genius knew how to create a wall clock that automatically keeps loads and adjusted your mechanical clocks with the hidden Sattler Watch Winders



With Sattler watch winders from the Rotalis series, Erwin Sattler is offering an alternative, which provides optimum conditions for the quality pieces, guarantees a high level of technical performance and, of course, is a piece of jewellery itself.


the Sattler watch winders collection

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